Celebrity Dermatologist, Dr. Kim Nichols, took a chance on Secret RF. Mid-pandemic, she introduced this new technology to her practice - offering an advanced treatment approach to addressing common skin revitalization concerns. 

Join us for a live Q&A with Dr. Nichols, as she shares what steps she took to successfully integrate Secret RF, her staff training tips, and the top 5 reasons practices should consider adding Secret RF to their product offerings. 

Kim Nichols, MD
Nichols, MD of Greenwich

Kim Nichols, MD, FAAD is a Harvard-trained, board-certified, celebrity dermatologist that treats for both medical and cosmetic skincare concerns. She has been recognized world-wide for her artistic expertise in administering injectables that yield natural-looking results for clients to look and feel their best.

Dr. Nichols practiced in New York City for seven years prior to founding NicholsMD of Greenwich in 2013, where she and her team deliver “a luxurious Manhattan experience” without the drive into the city.

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