This talk covers energy-based modalities and discusses a multi-layered approach to skin rejuvenation, treating all layers from the epidermis down into the deep dermis. DrTapan explores the Cutera Secret Pro technology, which uses a non-conventional approach to skin rejuvenation by uniquely combining two state-of-the-art technologies in one device, Fractional CO2 laser, and RF Microneedling. 

Dr tapan Patel
Medical Director at PHI Clinic

Dr Tapan Patel is the Medical Director and visionary of the highly esteemed, multi-award-winning, PHI Clinic. Dr Tapan is recognised amongst his peers as one of the most talented and skilful Cosmetic Doctors in the UK. Dr Tapan’s demand for excellence means he remains at the forefront of his field and is always looking to introduce the latest techniques and technologies to PHI Clinic, ensuring he can tailor treatments for his patients that will offer the safest and most efficacious treatment outcomes.

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