This training webinar will reveal the step by step blueprint to consistently attract new high-quality patients, so you can grow your medical aesthetic clinic or medspa. You will learn how to add immediate revenue by fixing the hole 90% of clinics have with their internal marketing. How to automate booking appointments with new leads, so front desk staff are not overwhelmed (or even needed). Which marketing strategies are working right now that you can implement immediately to flood your clinic with high-value patients. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. You just need to know what is working for high growth clinics today. This training will give you that roadmap.

Luke Hamilton
Medical Marketing Whiz, LLC

Luke Hamilton built and sold his first multimillion-dollar company from the ground up using the power of digital marketing systems. Luke has drawn upon this 10 plus years of experience in the digital space to co-found Great Oak Enterprises and the Patient Rush system. Luke leads patient Rush's client development division and manages an elite team of industry professionals across the USA, Australia and New Zealand who ensure client's of Patient Rush experience immediate and ongoing value from the system and services provided.

Luke Devcich
Medical Marketing Whiz, LLC

Luke Devcich is the co-founder of Great Oak Enterprises a company dedicated to developing world-class marketing systems in the medical industry. He leads a team of specialised marketers and innovative technology specialists. The Patient Rush system has been constructed on a foundation of measurable results and growth under the watchful leadership of Luke Devcich.

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